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About Mary Beth

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I'm a registered dietitian with a Master of Science degree in clinical nutrition and have had the opportunity to specialize in the ketogenic diet for epilepsy management and other various diagnosis.  My experience includes  27 years practicing as a clinical dietitian.   The past 7 years have focused on ketogenic diet therapies in children.   During that time, I benefited from formal training with The Charlie Foundation, as well as,  experience with Dr. Eric Kossoff & the ketogenic diet team at John Hopkins Hospital.  I've also been privileged to work with Beth Zupec-Kania,RDN and The Charlie Foundation to educate Jamaican dietitians on implementation of the ketogenic diet in the Caribbean.

Since working exclusively with the ketogenic diet, I've witnessed numerous patients positively impacted by implementing the diet.   Empowering individuals with the knowledge to follow the diet to help control their epilepsy has been a rewarding experience.  I'm reminded frequently of how beneficial the diet can be by participating with the health care team and helping to reduce seizures.  My goal is to empower others to positively impact their quality of life by modifications of their diet to best manage their health.  

Ketogenic Diet Therapies of Texas is a diet counseling service focusing specifically on the various types of ketogenic diets including:  ketogenic diet, modified Atkins diet, MCT oil diet, and low glycemic index therapy diet. While experiencing the benefits of our pediatric patients, I began to receive several inquiries for adult ketogenic diet management.  Rather than refer those interested individuals to other adult ketogenic diet centers in other states, I wanted to be available to offer the same counseling and ketogenic diet medical management close to home with the doctors that are already managing their epilepsy. Beginning in early 2017,  I will expand my availability and begin offering ketogenic diet therapy for those individuals who desire nutrition counseling outside of Texas & include national and international clients. My goal is to empower patients with nutritional knowledge used to help treat  their epilepsy or other diagnosis by trialing ketogenic diet therapy.


Modified Atkins Diet

Low Glycemic Index Therapy

Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil Diet

Ketogenic Diet 

Mary Beth is the best dietitian I know.  I have worked with her for years, and I am constantly impressed with both her level of knowledge and her commitment to her patients.  She is a true expert with the ketogenic diet and works regularly with the national leaders in the field.  She has a tremendous knowledge and breadth of experience in treating patients with diet therapies for epilepsy.  There is no one to whom I would feel more comfortable entrusting the care of my patients.

Jeff Kane, MD

Epielptologist with Child Neurology Consultants of Austin

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